Frequently Asked Questions
What does MTM do?
We combine communication, knowledge, and resources to meet today’s comprehensive health needs for you and your family. Our priority is the quality of care you receive with the outcome you expect.
What are the benefits of an MTM.one Member Subscription to the Health Solutions Platform?
Membership provides authenticated access to private client portals, groups, and communities for support and collaboration on your health. Manage your estimates, invoices, statements, cases, subscriptions, and more.
What is the difference between the two types of subscription Clients and Providers?
Client Members can build and support their health with collaborative people and topics that help define choices and information. Practitioners and Providers can communicate about products, services, treatments, and support matters within private groups and cases.
What is Web-Based Case Management?
Out-patient consultations are provided primarily through online video-conferencing, including Q&A sessions to help potential clients fully understand what their treatment will entail. In addition to medical history and medical records review, a key consideration when developing a personalized protocol is the most manageable for the client. Clients and Health Providers need a cost-effective, secure, pre-built, and user-friendly case management system to effectively communicate a collaborative care model.

Practitioners cultivate meaningful relationships because they communicate, striving to pass their knowledge on to empower and build confidence with their clients. They go through the ups-and-downs together, sharing ideas, problems, and solutions in an open and honest environment to make real, lasting connections.

Practitioners share information, give advice and stay connected to a community of other Practitioners as they all work towards collective health goals together.
What is the purpose of a Client Membership?
Members have access to the Health Solutions platform, search the knowledge base, can upload files, pictures, records, and share information securely in cases or private groups, collaborate on your care, inquire upon health providers, and develop integrative forms of treatments.
How can I collaborate my care?
Privately and securely communicate about products, services, and treatments. Members support their healthcare with collaborative discussions, topics, and real-time information to define and make choices.
What are the benefits of the FREE Subscription?
Limited community access to an interactive forum, open a discussion, ask questions, or raise a topic.
Share information as you desire, individually, to a group or your health provider.
A searchable knowledge base to hundreds of articles of health information.
Review your account information, invoicing, statements, and real-time informational changes.
Email support from MTM Heath Coaches to answer questions and provide solutions.
What are the benefits of the CLIENT Subscription?
All the benefits of the Free Plan.
Submit Community postings and submissions to all departments.
Access and editing privileges to the Treatment Support Department and case management system.
Contribute to the MTM Blog with public postings or comments.
Email & Phone Support from an MTM Health Coach.
What are the benefits of the PROVIDER Subscription?
All the benefits of Client Membership.
Access to the Provider Group for health practitioners.
Account access to the Case Management system, create multiple cases to communicate with your patients and clients.
Submit products and treatments to the MTM eCatalog to be searchable on the internet and extend your marketing reach to new customers.
How do I know this is secure?
The Health Solutions platform is built on a high level of security within Zoho Systems. ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018 certified, SOC 2 Type II compliant, EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, Compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), umbrella security from Cloudflare, and military level encryption. The US Navy uses the technology, US Department of Defense, and a long list of other government agencies worldwide. In-depth research on security can be reviewed here.
Why is a credit card required even for a Free Membership?
We require validation of each individual before the membership. Verification is done in one of two ways, either via a phone conference with an MTM Health Coach or credit card validation through our merchant provider. Access to the platform is restricted for security reasons, preventing spammers, hackers, and other Internet intruders.
What is Zia?
Zia is an AI assistant (robots) that helps answer questions and guide you through the platform 24/7 when a Health Coach is not available.
Can I market products and treatments on the platform?
The communities are distraction-free from marketing where topics are posted. This provides you with pure information not clicks like google. Providers can list products in the MTM e-Catalog, concepts can be written about on the MTM Blog (both are public). Providers are listed in the network with the necessary contact information. The entire platform is moderated, all submissions go through an approval process based on the content.

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